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Researches and Publications  


  • Research

    Pd frequently publishes the result of company researches in the following categories:
    • Company in-house research and development
    • Nonconfidential costumer related researches
  • Open/Box™ : Pd’s in-house web design standard

    Open/Box™ is pd’s in-house framework of server-side/client-side software, user interface and interactivity tools that delivers a complete Web solution to government, organizations, businesses and individuals, totally based on open, Web industry standards.

    Open/Box™ addresses the problem of readability of the site at both user level and developer level using only World Wide Web Consortium standards and a set of simple design rules. This way Open/Box™ enables Web developers to decrease site creation time, increase site structure readability and create ultra light web pages without using either expensive or difficult to use software's or methods.

    Open/Box™ delivers powerful functionality, including a comprehensive W3C compatible web interface, support for popular multimedia technologies, web application support and remote web management all in an exceptionally easy to navigate and economic package.

  • Publications

    Pd publishes a column called “Professional viewpoint” in Persian, the column is about pd culture, information technology, design and the interrelation between them.


A design studio without philosophy dies too young